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Flightscope's many diagnostic screens provide our customers with an easy to understand look at their swing and ball flight. This is technology helping you fine tune your golf game.


At Golf Central we use the best products out there.

The world’s first ever 3D Doppler Radar for sports

FlightScope is considered by industry experts as the leader in 3D Doppler Radar tracking since FlightScope was the first to use this technology in sports since 1995.



A sleek and elegant body is not enough – you need accuracy

FlightScope is designed and manufactured with attention to the smallest detail. Every swing is unique – and so is every FlightScope, which is why we use them to give everyone their own personal analysis. 



24 Club and Ball data parameters

With military precision (and tested with ultra-high-speed cameras, ~50,000 frames per second) FlightScope measures the Angle Of Attack and 23 other important club and ball data parameters.



Why interpolate when you can measure?

FlightScope continuously measures every inch of your balls’ entire trajectory, giving you unparalleled accuracy in carry and total distance, ball spin, horizontal & vertical launch angles.


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